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Our country has been kidnapped by professional politicians who are interested only in being re-elected and continuing to enjoy the fringe benefits of their position. The needs or wants of the people they are supposed to represent are totally ignored.

Do you want Limited Government, Fiscal Conservatism, Free-Market Economy, Lower and Fair Taxes, and Personal Freedom? Do you feel that it doesn't matter whether you vote for a Republican or a Democrat because they've become the same? Do you feel like both parties now want bigger government and more government control? Are the politicians spending us to death?

Ron Paul did not go far in the Republican primaries and he was again snubbed at the Republican convention.  Romney, my last choice, failed to defeat Obama. Now we are stuck with four more years of Obama aspiring to be one of the radical socialists that he has admired over the years.

The fight is not over yet though. We must remain aware of legislation that would carry us in the wrong direction. We must do what we can to influence our Representatives and Senators to vote appropriately. Call them, write them or E-mail them and let them know that your vote for them depends on their appropriate voting record. Stay educated on current legislative affairs and encourage your acquaintances to do the same. There will be elections for U.S. Senators and Representatives before the next presidential election. Support the candidate/s who is/are most likely to attempt to lead us away from the socialist direction that we are heading in. 

It is not too early to be looking at possible candidates for the 2016 presidential election. Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator and son of Ron Paul, has stated that he is considering the possibility. South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint's name has also been mentioned as a possibility.


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